Betty, placid on MIrror Lake in Lake Placid, New York, the place where miracles happen and the American spirit is at its peak!

Betty: placid on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, New York, the place where miracles happen and the American spirit is at its peak!

BETTYINTHEUSA embodies the authentic, bold, curious, and fiery, free spirit of an All-American girl in awe of inspiring people, places, things, events, and experiences that ignite the mind and transform the soul. BETTYINTHEUSA is a storytelling platform for unique perspectives on personalities, passions, and pursuits, aiming to move herself and others to to think big, to aim high, to DO what others only dare to dream, to make an impact, and to leave something special to you…behind.

Always inspired by the essence of the American DNA and the American spirit, BETTYINTHEUSA seeks stories about adventurers, trailblazers, renegades, mavericks, role models, heroes and heroines who espouse the ideals of innovation, abundance, taking the road less traveled, and the triumph of the human spirit.

BETTYINTHEUSA is a communicator, writer, storyteller, producer, creator/brand strategist, marketing communications and social media expert, business development/start-up advisor, idea incubator, event manager/producer, connector, and fundraiser.  BETTY IN THE USA covers a wide range of topics including luxury lifestyle, philanthropy, music, film, sports, travel, literature, history, politics, current affairs, technology, anything and everything related to culture and the arts, and more. You can also reach BETTYINTHEUSA at beth@ammocomm.com.


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