Christmastime in NYC

Christmastime in NYC

I am so excited about Wills & Kate being in New York for so many reasons, including one very personal one, and another: that I am now involved with a conservation initiative supported by the royal patronage of Prince William called Tusk Trust. Most of all, I am excited by one reason that no one in the media seems to be highlighting/emphasizing as much as they did on the first ‪#‎RoyalVisitUSA: it’s only Kate’s second time here, and her first time ever to New York City – and at Christmas!!! This trip is so exciting for us, but if we take the spotlight off of that for a second, can’t you imagine how exciting it is for her and them, not just as the ‪#‎RoyalFamily‬, but as human beings just like the rest of us? As a lifelong New Yorker, I have always wanted to experience New York City through those innocent-wide-eyes of someone experiencing this city for the first time. As a lifelong New Yorker, I have those moments myself on a daily basis because of how proud I am of ‪#‎NYC‬ & ‪#‎NewYorkState‬, and because of how extraordinary, dynamic, and mesmerizing this city truly is, especially at ‪#‎Christmas‬. That said, to have those moments that I have myself through the eyes of a first-time-ever-visitor is something I have always wondered about and wished I could experience myself. While obviously that will never happen, I still get goosebumps for that person, seeing their eyes and faces light up like it never has before.This time, that person is a beautiful, charming, elegant, graceful, and approachable young woman who is very simply something we just don’t see as often as we should: a true lady – just like her mother-in-law @PrincessDiana. Just like she was, Kate is a fantastic role model for women everywhere.  She married a young man who may have been born-to-be-prince-and-king of ‪#‎England‬, but he has truly become a real prince and king of a man and changed the monarchy for the better forever. Really, it is something we get to witness for the first time in history, and to see a beautiful young couple at the beginning of their lives together taking #NYC and the world, by storm. British Consulate-General – New York ‪#‎RoyalVisitUSA‬ ‪#‎christmasinNewyork‬

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